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♥ 加入會員即送購物金 $20 ♥ 滿$300即免運費(扣除所有優惠後,以付款總額計) ♥

貓咪祭 2024 ~ 限時特惠 ! 貓貓產品大減價 ! 滿HK$250 即享88折 !


Life needs to be colorful, and it is often pursued and mastered by oneself. "Life Gadget Monocle" is committed to collecting life boutiques from all over the world, so that everyone's ordinary life can be more interesting. "Beautify yourself, renovate your house", add a sense of ritual to the details of life for everyone, and enjoy all kinds of fun in life and elevate to a higher level.

We constantly search for all kinds of fine products in life, such as electronic products, household appliances, lifestyle products, personal care, beauty makeup, pet products and even health food, etc., to ensure high quality, high value, and high enjoyment. Once satisfied.

All products enjoy a seven-day shopping guarantee, and all products that are marked as original licensed products enjoy a designated 1-2 year warranty. For details, please refer to individual product introductions.

If the electronic products are marked as parallel imports, smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, and tablets are guaranteed by our store for six months. For details, please refer to individual product introductions.